theworldismyplayground001: hi, i came across a picture on my dash, a woman looking at a river. then i checked your blog and i liked it. and you seem like someone must hangout with, have you ever met someone from tumblr, are you willing to meet someone from tumbler in the future. i really enjoy your blog. take care

I’ve used this website for 5 years and have had the honor of meeting a few really amazing people over the years. A good number who are in my heart forever. in 2010 I hitchhiked up the east coast of America and a good number of my friends from this site were willing to host me and give me a tour of their cities. It’s amazing how many doors this site can open for you if you use it as a tool for that.

My partner and I are in Eugene Oregon for the night! On our way to the Redwood forest! Not sure where we’re going to sleep but that’s okay~


Chakra - Scarlet Woman

Starting my day with a hand-rolled cigarette filled with mullein picked at the river yesterday and three shots of espresso. Complete with spider webs and one very vocal black cat. Working on coursework for a class on social-emotional development in young children. But I just want to play!